Potters All Clay Guild

Bowl makingWe are a newly formed and growing group with a mission to:

Unite all who create with clay, for love or livelihood, to pool resources, develop creativity and skills, educate others, and give back to the community, all done in a spirit of joy.

Potters All Clay Guild was initiated by artists and enthusiasts in the Western Massachusetts/North Quabbin region. The Guild has a strong education and outreach mission.

Making Bowls for Empty Bowls Project

Making a bowl at Orange Solstice Riverfest

We are currently working on an Empty Bowls project to raise funds for local food access and anti-hunger efforts in our region.  Empty Bowls were made at local events throughout the summer and fall, and by RC Mahar high school students.

We plan to build a wood-fired kiln in this region as a space for guild members to honor the elements of earth and fire, as we use this age-old firing process and local resources to create beautiful art.  Once built, we intend to share clay and wood firing techniques with others, especially young people, to promote environmental awareness and creativity.

The Potters All Clay Guild is open to anyone who works with clay, for love or livelihood.   Contact us if you wish to join our mailing list or learn more about Guild membership.